About Plate to Plate

California is known for being THE of the culinary capital of the American food scene. Long Beach is a major player in the food trend arena. At Plate to Plate we bring you the Food Tour that experiences first hand how these culinary food trends taste, then let you define the Californias food scene. On our walking tours we explore the best local restaurant in neighborhoods only the natives know. You will learn the historical significance of the areas as well as the fascinating stories that lie behind these dishes.

Get on your walking shoes and lets taste America!

Plate to Plate

Monique Lawee


My journey…I graduated from culinary school and became a certified nutrition counselor where I became a personal chef to those with severe allergies, diabetics and chemotherapy patients. I ran a catering business for parties and corporate events. These experiences and my own health challenges fueled my quest for finding the very best in delicious quality meals.   Good habits start young they say…which is why I have a great love for educating teens and youngsters on healthy nutrition and cooking.

As a food expert, and passionate foodie I am YOUR perfect food guide so…

Let’s eat DELICIOUSLY together,