One Local Summer – Week 3

This shot is about as close as I get to food porn.

One Local Breakfast

That’s mostly because my camera is not cut out for the dim light of my kitchen. This was shot in the studio, a place where food usually isn’t.

Truly a breakfast of champions, my friends, and all the better because Dan can actually make an omelette. I was in charge of the yogurt.

Vermont yogurt with wild raspberries and honey; two-egg omelette with Vermont cheddar, basil, parsley, and salad onions; side of baby greens and pea shoots; chunk of olive bread leftover from dinner.

- Nonfat plain yogurt [Butterworks Farm - Westfield, VT - 213 mi [gotta start making yogurt again -- this is way too far, and local milk is plentiful]]
- Wild black and red raspberries [Williamstown Farmers' Market - 5 mi]
- Honey [Copper Dog Hill - White Creek, NY - 28 mi]
- Eggs [Williamstown Farmers' Market - 5 mi]
- Butter [Cabot - Cabot, VT - 179 mi]
- Cheddar cheese [Cabot - Cabot, VT - 179 mi [this seems like cheating; must find a more local cheddar]]
- Basil, parsley, salad onions [Walloomsac Farmers' Market - Bennington, VT - 18 mi]
- Pea shoots [Gill Greenery - Gill, MA - 45 mi]
- Baby salad greens [Might Food Farm - Pownal, VT - 10 mi]
- Olive bread [Berkshire Mountain Bakery - Housatonic, MA - 38 mi ]

One Response to One Local Summer – Week 3

  1. Popster says:

    Although I find it difficult to keep cleaning the keyboad as I drool, I must respond with a tip you already knnow quite well. If you are looking for TRULY local dairy, and butter is on your mind, think back to Thanksgiving at our house. All you need do is find some local cream and a clean jar and apply some “shakin’ muscle”. Presto/chango – butter! Add salt to taste & enjoy VERY locally produced butter.

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